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They Said I Need Bat Proofing To Keep The Bats Out Of My Home – The Pensacola Bat Removal Company

Pensacola Bat Proofing , Bat Exclusion – Bats In Attic

Example Custom Bat Excluder Photo Credit : Ron "Jonesie" Jones, Monroeville NJ

Pensacola Bat Exclusion

The Bats Just Keep Coming
An Evening Sky Full Of Bats  | The Pensacola Bat Removal Company –         Critter Control Of The Gulf Coast

So you were told you need a bat exclusion and as you call around it seems that is all everyone is doing is bat exclusions or bat proofing and wondering why?

Bats are rarely found in homes  that do not have mechanical design problems by the builder or poor maintenance by the homeowner.

Bats can enter any hole or crevice that is 3/8ths of an inch or larger. Now that is a pretty small hole smaller then a dime and this is something you can not see unless on a ladder and looking at your roof, fascia, soffit,  & chimney areas from within a foot or two away. Some of the holes are small and hidden into the valleys of the roof , or something loose around a break in the roof line, or maybe it is the gable and ridge vents have rusted and no longer working. The boom line is until these items are found the bats keep coming.

Bat exclusions or bat proofing’s completely seal off your home and stop bats from getting in or out of the home. bat excluder’s are added at the time of exclusion at the main entry and exit points and all future contact with the outside world is by these bat excluder’s.

Bat Excluders

” The bats are free to leave. No need to trap or contain them since the rest of the structure is sealed and the bats cannot grip the inside of the tube to reenter. The bats are effectively locked out of the structure.”

Need Bat Removal We Service The Florida Panhandle From Pensacola to Panama City :

We service Escambia County Fl, Santa Rosa County Fl, Okaloosa County Fl, Walton County Fl, Holmes County Fl , Washington County Fl and Bay County Fl and the following cities:  Milton, Pensacola, Bellview, Warrington, Gulf Breeze, Ft Walton, Valparaiso, Niceville, Miramar beach, Crestview, Defuniak Springs, Freeport, Laguna Beach, century, Molino, Bay Minnette, Spanish Fort.

Pensacola Bat Removal Co- Licensed, Insured, Experienced Bat Proofing, Bat Exclusion, Panama City, Crestview, Gulf Breeze,  Niceville, Ft Walton, Valparaiso-Bat Proofing Bat Exclusions – The Pensacola Bat Removal Co

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